Short Folks Folding Step Thru Suggestions Please


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Jun 3, 2021
Hi! I'm new to this forum and I have a dilemma. I currently own a GreenBike GB750. LOVE the bike, but having trouble getting on and off. Lowest seat height from floor to seat top is 33". I need to go down to 31", maybe get by with 32". I want to stay with a folding bike, step thru, preferably at least 500w. Any suggestions appreciated.
Thank you!
I have a Rad Power Bikes Mini Step-Thru 2, with a seat-top height of 35" from the ground, and that's with a thick Cloud 9 cruiser seat and Redshift suspension seatpost. Even so, I could drop it to 32" if I had to (I just rechecked it with a measuring tape), and in stock configuration (regular seatpost, thinner seat) it should be good down to about 29". Plan on upgrading to a thicker, more comfortable seat, though, but 30" should still be easily doable even then.

And yes, it can be folded. My knees and I love mine. Note that, on their website's bike-geometry page, the seat-height dimensions are measured to the bottom of the pedal stroke, not the ground. If you decide to buy a Rad bike, and know anybody with one, ask them for a referral code to get $50 discount.

I've never heard of GreenBike, but just checked it out quickly, and it looks like they make a folding step-through version of the bike you already have, so you should check that out as well. Maybe they take trade-ins.

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Thank you for your response! It’s nice to know there are people out there reading the posts that are put out there. I did check into the Rad. Awesome bike! Only problem for us was the folding dimensions on that one did not meet our needs. I did contact Green Bike about their 500w. I was curious about the seat height being the same as the 750 W as well. They never got back with me. Very disappointed in them! We bought two bikes from them and I was willing to go for third. Will have a hard time recommending them due to their customer service. Although I do believe their product is wonderful. Ended up going over to a bike shop about two hours away from my house that had several step thru folding models. It was great to be able to get a side-by-side comparison! Daytona Adventures rocks!! Ended up purchasing a Magnum Premium 500w. I felt so much more comfortable on this bike then I did the 750w. Has the 2.12 tires as opposed to the 4 inch, but that gives it more of a bike feel for me. Love riding this bike! Thank you again for your response!