Shimano STEPS E7000 ebike drive system

Any new product from a reputable brand like shimano is a move in the right direction. But, yeah, battery cost remain high.
I believe the current Shimano battery retails for $700, so yes, that is still a sticking point. Maybe they will come out with a "half-sized" battery for $350, that would be plenty for many people.

Better than Bosch though. Their battery is $900! The charger is another $125.
Focus (Shimano E8000 motor) has a battery for their bikes that comes in at $499 but it won't work with other E8000 setups I don't think. It is also 378wh compared to most 500wh batteries but you can combine it with the internal battery so you end up with 756wh total capacity.

I looked a bit deeper at the new E7000 group and I like the left shifter setup much better than the E8000 one for mode selection. One thing I think Shimano needs to do is offer even shorter crank arms for the ebikes, if I read the specs correctly the new group will offer 165mm cranks in addition to the current 170 and 175mm ones but I want even shorter ones myself and am looking at the Miranda brand from Europe.
My buddy bought this bike from with the E7000 motor and its great. Assembly was easy except for the dropper post because you have to cut the cable to fit which can be messed up but we were able to pull it off.
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