Shimano Steps E6100 error 014


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Apr 13, 2022
Hello everyone. I was riding today and suddenly got no motor support, heard 3 beeps and error E014 on display. Looks like a speed sensor. Checked the sensor and magnet, all in place, magnet is well orientated, no dirt or contamination, no damaged wire sensor. Power off, removed the battery, drained the system by pressing power button with battery removed, but no luck. Removed the motor cover, removed the sensor plug, all clean, no traces of water or dirt. The bike is a road bike and was not taken offroad. Anyone had this issue?
Hi there, did you end up figuring out you error? Maybe the speed sensor is broken? Did you try contacting Bosch?

Just for anyone else who finds this post, here is E014 from the Bosch website:

E014 – Speed sensor may be installed in the wrong position

Restrictions: No power assist while riding.

Remedy: Amend position of speed sensor and magnet unit, turn on power and rotate crank clockwise until error resolves. This may take up to 100 rotations.

Hi, I was having the same problem. I had E014 error that would not clear despite having the magnet and sensor in the correct position and pedalling it by hand in a bike stand for literally hundreds of rotations, as has been suggested here and elsewhere. I was beginning to think nothing was going to clear the E014.

What solved it for me was detaching the speed sensor from the chain stay and then holding it (watch your fingers!) right up against the spoke magnet as I pedalled it round, again whilst in the bike stand. The E014 code cleared almost immediately doing this.

I have reattached the speed sensor to the chain stay but found I have needed to use a spacer to make it sit a bit closer to the spoke magnet to prevent a W011 error code which I was getting after clearing the E014. All seems fine now.
Anyone else have this problem and it did not clear. I have Shimano Steps e5000 and it threw the e014 code when I positioned the speed sensor to the outside of the chainstay. I put it back and the error remains despite turning the crank and weeks of riding. The etube app says its reading speed correctly.