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coolest ebike mirrors ever from Fat Tire House!
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Make any eBike legal
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I’ve always wondered about the enforcement of these “classes.”

I recently passed up on participating in a local very large annual cancer center bike riding fundraiser. I donate every year, but thought it would be fun to be a rider.

Their rules say e-bikes are welcome, but only Class 1’s. My Aventon Pace 500.2 can be set (via an app) as either a Class 2 or 3. I have it set as a Class 2 for NYS law compliance.

The problem is my bike has a throttle (which I really never, ever use, except an occasional assist starting from a dead stop where I’m trying not to tick off a car behind me once a traffic light turns green). The presence of the throttle excludes it from being a Class 1. Suppose I could cover it with duct tape.

The other thing in their rules:

“eBikes should not be used as an adaptive aid to ride longer or faster than you would on a traditional bike.”

How is it possible to be compliant with that, even as a Class 1?!

Back on topic, good thread Smaug. When I get a chance I’ll share the goodies I’ve added to my bike over the past couple years.
Links to eBay may include affiliate code. If you click on an eBay link and make a purchase, this forum may earn a small commission.
After 3 months of research for a light weight (less than 45 lbs) ebike, I finally purchased one. Got a Propella C9-V2 Pro.
Because Seattle streets are notoriously rough and because I want to do some "easy" single track trails I knew that I would be adding some suspension regardless of what bike I got.
I added a Kinect Suspension seatpost and stem both which have 20 mm of travel. They have taken the "jar" out of the bumps and the bike rides very comfortably on both street and trail. Together they added about 2 lbs to total weight.


On my previous Specialized Carbon Comp & had the Redshift suspension seatpost & stem. I liked both but the Kinect seatpost has less "bounce " and no creaking compared to the Redshift seatpost.
These suspension upgrades are not cheap ($350- $450), but they are easy to install and make a big difference in overall comfort and pleasure of bike riding.