Several Questions from a new E-bike owner

Falling Raine

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4:16 PM
Apr 15, 2023
I just bought a Vivi F26F and I love it, but I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find answers to. What is a good rear rack that fits the back tire that has a width of 4.0in (It do be FAT, yo.) and what pressure should I attempt to maintain in my tire? Thank you for the help in advanced.
I used the Blackburn Outpost fat carrier. Not cheap, but extremely well made. Fully adjustable width wise so they'll fit anything, even comes with bits to allow it to connect to a bike made without carrier attachment points.

Pressure wise I run 10 psi rear and 8 front on the road, 2 psi lower both ends for the fire trails. You'll need a special low pressure gauge.