Serious problem with my Wired Freedom 2024 this morning


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Jun 18, 2024
This morning started off crazy for me, but here’s the story. This is for awareness and I’m also hoping that someone will share if they’ve ever heard of this happening before. So some back story for full transparency first. I ordered my 2024 Wired Freedom and received it during the winter months here in Minnesota. Since the bike has been in my possession, I’ve probably been on it under 15 times, but I don’t know exact. It has exactly 131 miles on it.

Last night I rode the bike to the gym and while inside there it started to rain. I drove home in the rain and when I got home turned the bike off, but left the battery inside and left the bike on its kickstand with the front of it nosed up in the garage against the snowblower.

This morning my wife was out in our living room and heard a high pitched wub-wub-wub sound. She was headed downstairs to investigate in our split level home but when she passed the garage door she could tell that’s where the sound was coming from. She walked out to the garage door and was met by a cloud of smoke and very noxious smell. She saw the bike sitting over on the opposite end of the garage with smoke billowing from it. She opened up the garage door and ran back inside and woke me from a dead sleep screaming “come quick your bike is on fire!”

I ran outside to find the bike, I identified the smell as burnt rubber and the garage was filled with smoke. When I approached the bike I could see that the rear tire was ‘burning out’ on the garage floor with a good-sized stack of rubber pieces built up already I reached over and pushed and held the on/off button until the bike tire stopped spinning.

I pulled it out of the garage and holding the brake turned the bike on again to see if the throttle was sticking. The bike turned on and sat ready just like normal. I even operated the throttle, while covering the brake, and the bike lurched forward and stopped again just like you’d expect. I saw a quick error code flash of the screen, something to the effect of “throt-inop, or malfunction, or error”. Something like that but then it was gone again. I turned the bike off and nothing looked out of the ordinary, other than the damage that had already occurred.

I went inside to get my phone and take some pictures and I called the 888 number listed on the website and got Dan. I was talking with him on the phone explaining everything for some time. He was telling me that he would like it if I were to email a write up and send pictures. Also not to use the bike and disconnect the battery until I hear back.

I was moving to pull the battery and had the key in the slot but was unable to turn-pull- and talk on the phone at the same time. I was handing my wife my phone when the bike shot forward into the garage. It crashed into the snowblower and fell over on it’s side, with the wheel again going full speed. I went to hold the on/off button to turn it off but noticed this time that the LCD screen hadn’t even turned on.

Has this or anything like this ever happened to anyone else with this bike?

The company has me take the bike to a local shop so they could box it up and send it back to them. Right now that’s all I know.
That’s what I was thinking too just never heard of anything like this. As crazy as this was, it could have been so much worse. It was out in that garage with the battery in it from 8pm till 7am…. If this would have occurred at 2:00 am of would have gone on for who knows how long before it would have been discovered doing god knows what kind of damage or possibly starting a fire. I just cleaned out the garage and rearranged things the other day. That’s when I put my bike noses in the the snowblower, before that it was facing the Harley. That second time it took off my wife and I were both outside moving around it. We are super lucky that no one was hurt and the damages weren’t more.


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They’re good people @DieselTech And my experience with the bike till this morning has been like everyone else’s on this forum. The bike in incredible. Its size, and power… all the others pale in comparison. I’m hoping that there was some reason that rain got in the wiring or in the controller and that’s what caused the short. Also hoping since this is the only instance of this I can find, that it’s a one-and-done problem that won’t re-occur.
Thanks for bringing this issue to everyone's attention. I've added the word "Serious" to your thread title as this is a huge safety issue. I hope the manufacturer checks into this problem and finds a fix. Otherwise it looks like a safety recall is needed on this ebike.