Seeking ebike for transportation


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Feb 15, 2022
Dunnellon, Florida 34432
Hello, I'm looking for an ebike for transportation to work and travel on and off road and will realistically be mostly throttle only. I need something with range (or at least affordable extendable range) as its 37+ miles round trip.

Ideally I'd like something that can be upgraded (controller, motor, ...) down the line as funds permit.

Thank you in advance and I appreciate any help.

I'm in Ocala/Dunnellon, Florida but am not against paying to have shipped.


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Jan 19, 2022
Well I am very sorry about no responce! So I will give you my two cents worth, for what it is worth!

I also have many ??? That no ne will addreass just a bunch of BS!

I have a trike I built using a 48volt 1000 watt motor, the controller is rated at 13ah. Which gives me a range of about 10 miles.

So I want more range, to do so I need to up the ah to at least 30ah. So that is my 2 cents.

Good luck to you!

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First, find out if you can charge at work.

Next, I would seriously consider eliminating the off-road requirement.

Decide how much you want to peddle.

Florida is flat, so do not let anyone talk you into a mid-drive.

Decide if you want to keep legal speeds, or to try to get a frame you can register and build an electric motorcycle. Also decide how much seat time is acceptable for the commute. IF it has to be less than one-half hour, or if one hour is OK, or somewhere in between. See Last point.

Do you need to lift the bike often, bus racks, up stairs, etc. 60-80 lbs OK, or do you need less than that? See last point.

Get a handle of a rough budget.

If you can not charge at work, that is going to require a large, heavy, and expensive battery, as speed gets higher, larger, heavier, and more expensive.

To Vkray - You seem confused about controllers and batteries. Controllers limit the power, they do not supply it. Batteries supply the power, they do not limit it. Battery AH gives you range, Controller amps gives acceleration or hill-climbing, motor can be a limiting factor but usually the controller is the one limiting. Controller limit is hardware determined, with a decent DD hub, just keep it cooled, and you can feed it more amps all day long. if you fail to cool the motor sufficiently for the extra amps, it will burn the windings, overheat and permanently de-Gauss the magnets, etc.
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