Second Build


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4:55 PM
Jul 13, 2020
BBS02 mountain ebike.JPG

Decided to try a mid-drive about a year ago, and procured a BBS02 from emax ebikes in AU (excellent vendor). Built up a Nashbar steel frame with medium-level left over 8-speed parts, then Luna Cycle opened so finished it off with a 52V, 10 a/h battery. Topped out at 30+ mph; replaced the 46 tooth chainring with a 30 tooth and spaced the cassette with 11-17-28 gears for a straight chainline. Riding dirt mostly; tops out at about 22 mph and ascends anything that I've tried.
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Nice! Similar to what I would picture mine to be like when it's done. If you had it to do over again would you still go with the bbs02 or go for the
The BBS02 has been perfect for me, and is quasi-legal in CA (no standards have been released for DIY bikes, so don't know what is acceptable). Woulsn't change a thing.