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Hi everyone ; I was gifted this lovely dirt scrambler a few years ago but have no idea of it's appropriate second hand value or it's heritage and manufacture, i am also looking to sell it soon, so some honest feedback on its value would be appreciated. All i know is that it was put together by a former motorcycle policeman. It's a small frame so would suit adults under 5 feet tall, and or children / teenagers.

All it needs is a new battery, controller, bms and possibly a new rear motor, everything else is in very good shape. It would be an ideal project for an enthusiast or professional who knows their ped-electro-mechanics.

Condition ; Generally very good all over as is the swing-arm assembly and suspension piston and spring. Disc brake is working fine and is quite robust and made by ' Hope ' brand USA. Both wheels / hubs are in good nic and they both come with tyres that have plenty of tread. No broken spokes. I'm unsure of the rear hub motor and it's true specs ( watts / volts etc ) and even if it still works. It comes with a rear view mirror and a seat – post mounted battery box for your own spot-welded cells batteries are not supplied. I have the lid covers for the battery boxes - i forgot to put them on before taking photos, oops :)

So in conclusion please ; an honest 2nd hand price, any ideas of manufacture and heritage. I could also be interested in selling. Thanks so much for all your help.