Scoot E Bike by Raytroniks


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3:43 PM
Aug 8, 2022
Hi guys I'm trying out this forum because google just gives me dead ends. I recently bought a raytroniks Scoot-E-Bike off of facebook marketplace and it didn't come with anything but the bike. After getting it, I realizing what a mistake it was. There's absolutely no info about this bike online. Raytroniks no longer exists and they sold the bike to a company called Loop share but they don't have any info either. I managed to get a charger (basic three prong charger) and the bike makes a turning on noise but the display doesn't light up and nothing else happens. The bike has a youtube channel that shows you needing a remote to turn it on but i literally haven't been able to find one or even any info on it. I can't even find the right manual for the bike. Any info or tips would be truly appreciated because i really want this thing to work! Thank you!