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Schwinn Tailwind Ebike "Bad" Battery Fix

I found Schwinn Tailwind 2008-2011 model eBike on eBay with "bad" batteries. It only cost $300 with free shipping. They are equipped with a Nexus 8 speed Internally Geared Hub built into a 700C wheel. It usually sells for $450, so it seemed like a bargain.

I bough the bike and was going to simply find a replacement battery. But I had read on a blog a guy who got the "bad" battery working again. It's a Lithium Titanate battery and when it sits unused for a long time the voltage drops so low that the management system no longer allows it to charge.

All you need to do is take the battery apart and solder in two bypass wires. The battery then takes a charge again. Amazing! I now have a working ebike with pedal assist for just $300. It took me a few hours to pull off and unpack the battery and then put it all back together again, but it was well worth my time and effort!

Here's a link to the battery fix: https://syonyk.blogspot.com/2015/07/bypassing-schwinn-tailwind-battery.html