Schwinn Marshall Electric Hybrid- Battery Key

Ok this is a long shot, I bought this bike and the keys that came with it do not match the key set in the bike. I called Schwinn and they said to call Dicks, Dicks says they cannot help me find the correct Key. Schwinn says they do not make this key anylonger.

My question is anybody happen to have a extra key for this bike that has a number of 2972, I have Key number 4042 I could give away as well.

Thanks in advance -

Other thoughts or options to get the battery off the bike?
If you got proof that you own the bike, a locksmith will make a key. But it will be pricey.
My swhwinn bike took , a Honda motorcycle key. One of the groove lines in the key where missing on the Honda key but it worked. That said you have to take battery out and get to the lock and try to get new or rework old try Alibarba china maybe


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