Mike Moreau

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Jul 10, 2022
Hi guys,

Im pretty new to forum and to ebike.

I wanna buy a ebike to everyday and all temperature.
I live in Québec so they is snow, ice and a lot of hills where i live.
I wanna get a bike that make me feel like i was ridding my motocycle. I wanna be able taking small bump in the street and i want to go fairly fast to use the road like a car.
I wish i could use it like a mountain bike but i dont wanna pay over 5000 CAD. I want the fatTire for the offroad and the snow, but im planning to use my cities bike when its summer. Im planning to use my car just for groceries and taking the kids out.
And final question : Can i put smaller tire on my fatbike so its easier for the batterie or i should justkeep the fatrim all year?

In conclusion ive found these 3 model from 3 brand and im wondering which one should i buy for my needs.

Ask question if i was not clear, im kind of lost their is so much option out there and i want to be sure to buy a ebike that will last for a long time, i take care of my stuff so im gonna repair it myself.

Thanks in advance!

RIZE X : https://rizebikes.ca/products/rize-x
EUNORAU FAT-HS : https://eunorau-ebike.com/products/...c-mountain-bike-electric-hunting-fishing-bike
BIXTRIX JUGGERNAUT FS PRO : https://www.biktrix.ca/pages/juggernaut-ultra-fs-pro-1
Hey Mike,
I just returned from a Quebec trip,from st.Paul MN to Gaspé!
As for the bike question…
I own a Rize Blade, 2020 version.
Well built powerful for me.
750 watt motor pulls me along as fast as I care to go(25mph top speedis too fast for me)
I’m satisfied
Hopefully you can get responses from other owners
Thank you Tom,

Ill check for this model, happy to see you got the right one for you :)