Ride1Up Portola Thread

I really love this bike. It's not as efficient as my Level.2, but it can do more, since it folds. The step-through is lower, which makes it more approachable by more people.
Hmm... I am being awfully tempted by this bike. Let us know your thoughts when you've tested it out for awhile.
I've got many hours on it so far.
For my use, I would change the tires to street tread and add a Mirrcycle bar-end mirror and a phone holder.
I give it a 9/10 overall.
I emailed Ride1Up a few days ago about returning the "Touring Package" (suspension seat post, plush seat, mirror). I told them the seat post is too short and the seat & mirror alone don't make the package worth it. I assured them nothing was used; didn't even fit the seat post in the tube.

They replied yesterday afternoon that they normally don't accept returns on accessories, but since it doesn't fit, they would make an exception.

To me, that's a bit bogus, they are not ashamed to brand the accessories or charge a decent price for them, so they should stand behind them just like they would the bikes. (it's different when they're included "free")

Still, I can't complain too much, as they did say I could just send it back and send them Tracking Info and they would refund me.

9/10 for after-sale support so far.

I'll use the proceeds to fit a MirrCycle mirror and probably just leave the seat alone.

I really like this little bike. If I weren't so spoiled, I would put street tires on it and it could be my only eBike.
Quick question on the MirrCycle mirror. Installing one at home and having a hard time cutting through the handle end cap. Any tips?
Quick question on the MirrCycle mirror. Installing one at home and having a hard time cutting through the handle end cap. Any tips?
If it has an end cap, then just pry it out. You may need a knife edge to get it started, then use a flat screwdriver or needlenose plier to continue.

If it's a one-piece grip, you can use either an X-acto or utility knife and just be careful and take it slow. It's better to cut the hole a bit small and have to enlarge it for a good fit than to cut it too big and have a butchered grip.
@Smaug Great writeups and pics.
I purchased the Portola ~4 months ago and have about 200 miles on it.

This is my first e-bike and I did a bunch of research on foldable ones and decided on this one. Only a few minor complaints. I got the upgraded battery and, IMO, the overpriced, passenger seat kit for the grandkids. I did get $40. off for signing up for their mailing list, more spam. They do NOT though give a miltary discount.
I watched the Ride1Up, factory tour video, interesting, their quadruple QC checks missed a few things on my bike. The front fender screws were loose. This caused the fender to catch on the tire the first time I rode it. One of the pedals was only half attached. Check all the screws and pedals are tight before you ride it. The passenger seat kit's footpegs, when I purchased mine, did not come with the shorter bolts (M8x20mm). I had to contact a CSR to ship them to me separately. No adjustable handlebar post, but I'm 5'10" tall, 32" inseam and the handlebars are at a perfect height for me.
I used an in-lb. torque wrench/allen socket to tighten the stem cap bolt, 7nm=62 in-lbs. I have no idea what 7nm of torque feels like using the supplied allen wrench, snug?
When I installed the derailleur guard I used Permatex Blue Threadlocker on the screw, none used in the installation video.

Nice touch by Ride1Up of including a strap to keep the bike together when folded but it's a real PITA to get it snapped with the passenger seat on.


The frame latch when folded sort of flaps around and it's very possible that it could be snapped off. I purchased this velcro strap from HD to secure it. It's 18 inches long, ok, but a shorter one may also work. I sent Ride1Up an email about this and they said they were aware of it and were working on a solution. The solution is to include a velcro strap similar to the one I use.


Mine came with an almost inaudible bike bell. Ride1Up could have saved a buck or two by leaving it off. Not sure if an e-bike really needs a bike bell. Your voice is louder than any of them, but I purchased this Rock Bros bell to fill the space on the handlebar. It's actually louder than my cell phone recording. Here's a review of the Rock Bros bell. I also picked up this cell phone holder (-10% military discount) for my 6 1/2"L, 3 1/8"W Samsung phone, easy install and secure.


There are instructions on how to install the passenger seat but not how to uninstall it. I loosened the screw, pushed it, the latch, forward and lifted the seat off the back and up.


I have only gone through a few of the display features. Impressed with all the options.

Out of the box the brakes and the gears worked fine, no scrapping or adjustments needed. So far no problems, the bike runs great; and the seat is surprisingly comfy. I hauled it down to FL from TN in the back of my Hyundai Tucson. My grandkids wanted me to leave it. It's not easy lifting it into my SUV at my age, 70+. The specs list it's weight as 59 lbs. I'm assuming that's with the 10.4ah battery, probably a bit more with the 13.4ah battery, which weighs 8.2 lbs. The passenger seat, not including the foot pegs, weighs 2.4 lbs.
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Well, this is my last post to this thread, as my Portola was just stolen tonight in Colorado Springs, CO, probably by a hobo. There are a TON of them here.

I bought this and my XP Lite with me on a road trip for my daughter and I to ride while touring the front range of Colorado.

I forgot my nice FoldyLock Forever lock at home. Bought a cheap cable lock at a LBS, figuring that would be good enough to stop in somewhere for an hour. The XP Lite was locked with the Lectric-branded folding lock; decidedly lighter duty than the Forever I should’ve had on the Portola. They left that alone and took the Portola.

My daughter and I arrived at the nice Italian restaurant for dinner. Locked up at a public staple rack. Had dinner. One hour later, just after dark, we went out and it was gone.

I Filed a police report. I’m sure it’ll die there. I’m sure never giving money to homeless again.

I called for an XL Lyft ride back to the hotel; put the XP Lite in there for the ride back. Had a nice chat with the driver, who seemed to know a few things about the local homeless: he said they’re either veterans or druggies. The druggies will steal anything.

Lesson learned: never depend on a cable lock where there is a homeless population. I never had an issue at home in Kenosha, WI.
Oh no, this is so sad and yours was bright teal. You're going to find yourself looking for it all over town. You've convinced me to look into one of those cheap motion sensors, for bikes, that everyone raves about, maybe that with the locks would deter them. As we all know, the problem is the locks start weighing as much as the bike. I am so sorry.
Well, I’m throwing out my cable locks as soon as I get home. They’re just not good enough for this day and age, no matter how convenient.
A cable lock, 2 disc brake alarm/locks and the foldy lock will deter most ebike thieves,
well, except the theives with trucks and a partner.

I use the 2 disc brake alarms and a cable lock along with the alarm on the tail light and the juiced horn/alarm.

Even then i'm a bit leary of leaving it for longer than a few minutes lol
Yeah, in these days of cordless angle grinders no lock lasts more than a few seconds.
I’ve hidden a gps tracker on the bike. Even with those it’s a good idea to put a cheap easier to find AirTag on the bike to lull the thief with a false sense of security when they find the air tag and quit looking.
I think this is going to be my new plan B for sketchy cities, lock it up and then drop the battery in one of these and keep it with me. I'll look athletic and the thief will be bored to death having to pedal.
Wow, and I thought Colorado Springs was a safe(r) city. Cable locks don't stand a chance against these high battery powered portable grinders.
What a bummer. It could have been a homeless person, a professional thief would have probably stolen both bikes, or it could have been just some random person who wanted an e-bike and didn't want to have to buy one.

I had a Trek mountain bike stolen during the bluegrass festival in Telluride back in the early 90s. A couple of years later I saw my bike locked up outside a breakfast place in Telluride. I could tell it was my bike because it had one of the cantilever brake lugs break off and a new one had been brazed on. I called the cops and went and got my proof of ownership, I still had the receipt.

The dude worked there and had recently moved to Telluride from Crested Bute. He wasn't a druggie or to poor to buy his own bike, he was an athletic guy, a climber, cyclist, skier, etc. he just wanted a free bike.

He tried to stay in Telluride but eventually got tired of people calling him thief and he left.