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Apr 29, 2024
Moncure NC
Hey all! I was excited to find this forum. I am a older, heavy rider (250lbs) and was looking for something to have some fun with. No Tour-de-France in my future. I am a long time motorcycle rider (dual sport) so was excited to learn about the Revv1 e-bike. This looks perfect for riding in the rural area I live with trails, gravel, sand roads, etc. I do not plan to ride on paved roads except maybe back roads to get where I am going to ride. Anyone here own the Revv1? How is the power and torque? Any issues? I was also looking at the Juiced Scorpion. My budget is $2300, less hopefully.
Thanks! So far (day 1) I have found these three that seem like they would work for me: Ride1Up Rev1 / Juiced Scorpion X2 / Ariel Rider X-Class Step Thru
New member here as well. For me it was a toss up between the Rev1 and the Motor Goat v3. I ended up ordering the Motor Goat V3 with an extra battery. I hope to see it mid June.!
I am in the same boat as you. I ordered the Motor Goat v3 with the dual battery and the rear rack option. It was ordered in March. In spite of the declared expected delivery in May, I am anticipating June.

The only thing that keeps me from chomping at the bit is the fact a pretty decent eBike is already on hand.
I love my Ride1Up Revv1 FS, with dual battery mod and "off-road" unlocked, and I've had it for almost a year. I've looked at the DRT, after Ride1Up released it, and I'm just not that thrilled with it. The only real difference is the suspension and tires. I've taken mine off-road some, mostly street riding, and was okay.
For your uses, I would probably look at a Class 3 fat tire eBike rather than an eMoped like the Juiced Scorpion or Ride1UP Revv1. I just sold my Juiced HyperScrambler2; it was a great eMoped, but HEAVY, and you'd want to immediately replace the street tread tires with knobbies, which you shouldn't have to do.

My choice would be Aventon Aventure.2. Really nice quality from Aventon, which you can't see until you ride one.

Saving a few bucks, you could go with the Lectric XPeak.

These will give you more traction on unpaved roads. (the knobbies will howl on paved roads, but it's worth it not to go down on unpaved ones, if you'll ride them frequently)
Even the Lectric XP 3.0 or Ride1UP Portola would be good choices here. They both come with 20x3" knobbies, which can be run at 30 psi instead of 20 for better efficiency on smooth surfaces. You might lose some or all of that efficiency in the smaller diameter tires, but you'll gain the ability to fold the bike up for storage or transport. (watch your back, though, they're 60-70 lbs.)

The rack for these bikes is integrated into the frame, so they're sturdier than the ones on the full size eFatty bikes.
Thank you for the suggestions! I am looking for something with the bench style seat. I had and XP 2.0 and I couldnt walk after a long ride due to the seat pressure. I tried a cloud 9 seat and it helped but I do many hours on a motorcycle seat without issue so I am leaning that way.