Resetting Trip Odometer on Schwinn Coston DX


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9:32 AM
May 13, 2022
After owning my new Coston DX for a couple of weeks, I phoned and chatted online with Schwinn to discover how to reset the trip odometer, max speed, average speed and riding time on my controller. Now that I have been able to reset that trip data, I notice that the trip odometer data resets to "0"spontaneously during a ride at random times. Anyone with a similar experience?
You have to press the + and - buttons hard at the same time and hold them insistently to reset the trip mileage, max, average speed, and time riden. I haven't experienced any spontaneous resets. The total milegage is unaffected by the reset. Major problem is the very limited capacity of the battery and weak hub motor. Battery upgrades are advertised on the Schwinn website, but not available from Amazon or Dick's sporting goods. Schwinn sells its Marshall and Coston bikes without any indication of intention to offer upgrades.