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Jul 2, 2024
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A relative tasked me to swap out the cells on his ebike battery. It appears to be a bikkel from the year 2011 ( ancient), model number unknown. I've successfully swapped out the cells and it worked fine for a day. The next day the lcd battery and support indicators are flashing, which is a sign that the battery is empty. The peculiar part is that it takes 15 seconds for the battery to set in after starting up the bike, so in those 15 seconds I am able to drive the bike at full speed until the the battery check goes through and it limits to the lowest support speed. After extensive google research and countless pages I stumbled upon the service manual in dutch and translated it to English. It appears that the issue lies with the settings. A screenshot of the manual shows upper 4 digit number which is the current battery capacity in Ah and the second line displays the maximum Ah.
On my LCD display it says 0.23Ah and 11.25Ah. I think this is the cause of my issue. Now the values are being displayed are read only. I had the idea to desolder a SMD chip and maybe look at the memory and look for these two values in particular and change them. I don't know whether the chip is located on the LCD pcb or the controller. what should i look for. Is this idea even feasible? Can i just use any LCD display with an 8 pin socket? Is there a popular ebike dutch forum? The bike is old and it appears that the bike was only released in the Netherlands so spare parts are hard to come by in this country of mine. I'd appreciate any input

In the 3 pin connector with wires brown blue yellow. These seems to be the battery communication and going from display to the battery. In the blue wire there should be a 2A fuse. if you replaced the cells in the battery, check if the connections from those brown, blue, yellow wires inside the battery are still soldered ok. Check also inside the counterpart where battery connect to for the soldering of these wires and check fuse in blue wire in that battery counterpart and check the female and male pins battery and counterpart from those 3 communication wires.
i also would remove battery and check with multimeter in Ohms from the beginning of each of these wires till in the round 8 pin connector to be sure the connection is ok.

The last picture in the manual shows the soldering of these wires in that battery counterpart and shows the 2A fuse, it's named "zekering".
Also In your display picture in left top corner it shows number 13 and with your display you get low capacity. Maybe something related to voltage setting? According to the manual, if you go in the service settings and when you arrive at page 9 in left top corner display, the big number is what the display thinks your battery voltage is. Maybe it got changed somehow. The manual says, with a decent multimeter calibrate the voltage on the display with + en - buttons to match your voltmeter. Hope you can find the problem :)
Thank you very much for the translations and hints. By itself, the ebike works, motor drives the wheel and the support works at the lower settings, so naturally I found no issues with continuity in the wires. Out of desperation I did unplug all the cables that led from the controller to the display and it brought back life to the speed indicator, which wasn't working before. that was a pleasant surprise.
I think the issue to lies with the information that is being transmitted from battery -> controller -> display in the thin yellow and brown wire in the display plug, the two read 2.6V. Settings page 13 shows the current and maximum battery capacity. Mine shows a current capacity of 0.14 Ah, which explains the empty battery indicator. I have disconnected the display wires that led from the controller and now it shows 0Ah for current and max capacity and the battery is still flashing, but now I am able to increase the support settings to the fullest. The drawbacks are obvious but at least the entire ebike is usable again.
If someone with a bikkel battery from the year 2011 could measure the volts of the orange and yellow cable, i'd probably know for sure what's going on.
Good to see you got it solved. By editing the value in the eprom for "current capacity" ? Does that mean the level shown on the display will stay the same even if battery is getting low?
Good to see you got it solved. By editing the value in the eprom for "current capacity" ? Does that mean the level shown on the display will stay the same even if battery is getting low?
It means that the value for current capacity will be set a new value and as the battery charges and discharges the value will be updated accordingly by the BQ chip.