Regen and battery health / charging through the discharge


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Apr 28, 2022
Sorry if the question has been answered before. I browsed the threads on regen and saw a lot of discussing the "real" benefits vs cost. I'm well aware that the regenerated energy is arguably a "silly" percentage on an ebike, and that perhaps the only real life benefit is reduced brake pads wear.

In any case, I bought a relatively inexpensive 60V controller from for $100 to control my Oatema DD rear hub, specifically the SPD-48150 0BLDC . As a side / bonus / option / benifit, it offers regen. I tried it out and it works pretty well actually, but I'm not attached to using it. So far happy with the purchase of the inexpensive controller, but wondering if i should use the regen feature.

My concern is battery health and "charging through the discharge". With a cheap off-brand chinese controller, should I be at all concerned with it over-stressing the battery by poviding charge through the discharge? Seems like cranking the regen on a long decent could be producing voltage peaks that the battery doesn't like and is unprepared for. I'm guessing battery health may be the main difference between Grin's $300 Frankenrunner and my $100 made in china controller which both do regen. Just seems like from first principles it could be problematic. I'm definitely not interested halving the lifespan of a $400 battery in order to save replacing $20 brake pads every couple years, but if my concern is irrational I'll use the feature happily.

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The discharge port typically has no protection against overcharging, on the BMS. Voltage peaks are not really an issue, but a long descent right after a full charge could be. Newer controllers have some protection against this, less expensive ones may require human monitoring.