Record for most electronics ever mounted to bike handlebars?


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11:14 PM
Aug 17, 2018
I was riding along and I came across this guy with possibly the most ever electronics mounted to the handlebars of his ebike! Smartphone, 2-way radios, GPS and even a camera mounted to the front of his ebike!

most electronics ever on ebike handlebars.jpg

most electronics ever on ebike handlebars 01.jpg

most electronics ever on ebike handlebars 02.jpg
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Ha ha crazy! It looks like he runs some kind of weather website according to the sticker on his frame, some sort of meteorologist or something with all that gear! I prefer clean handlebars to be honest, I can't imagine what all that weighs!
You would be correct! This guy runs the weather station over on West Island, so yeah he's a meteorologist.