Recommend a bike rack?


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3:13 AM
Feb 21, 2021
Am riding an Adventon Level and am looking for a recommendation for a rack that attached to receiver hitch. Don't want to spend a fortune as most of my riding is close to home. Appreciate any advice.
Ebikes are heavy, so standard bicycle racks not recommended.

They are not cheap, but I have examined and used the Rad Rover rack and it is definitely a solidly-built piece of equipment.
On Amazon many racks have it noted when it's certified for ebikes. I too am looking to buy one for my Level (being delivered to me Monday). I'm having my local U-Haul dealer install my receiver on my car and I noticed they have several bike racks on display there. You might want to check at your local U-Haul dealer. At this point, though, Amazon is probably where I'll get it - the one I'm thinking about is about $325.