Received Shipment of e-bike today...


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4:58 AM
Aug 17, 2018
My q-electric bike came into today. For the price, I am satisfied with the quality of fit and finish...actually a bit better than expected.

I put about five miles on it today, and it used 1/4 of it's battery energy going up and down the hills of Carmel, CA. There was only one hill, it wouldn't climb...some of the others needed a bit of pedal to overcome, and it made it up the others on battery power, but slowly. Basically, the bike is a scooter with pedals. The pedals are only used to get over the steep hills, and it's a bit awkward to pedal..

I believe it will work for my intentions of saving 50 percent of my car's fuel use. I will give you further updates, as I get more information.
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