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Jun 21, 2022
Hi everyone.

I have a Wayscral E200 everywhere.

I need a new rear wheel.

I can buy a new wheel for around 30€ single wall.

The motor on my bike is on the rear wheel, as well as the battery.

Do you think a single wall wheel will work.

I cycle 100% on the same around town routes,.

Which are 85% on cycle paths.

You likely mean the rim, double wall is better, you will need custom spokes, pictures or a link would help, building the wheel is not difficult, but is tedious and requires a few, inexpensive, tools.

Do you mean your motor is IN the rear wheel, as in a hub motor, or ON it, like a friction drive or some other?
It seems almost impossible to get rimms, from anywhere.

I went to the only decent cycle shop in the town and they are not interested in selling a rimm they want to sell the motor too.

Yes double wall rimm.

When the front rimm went, everyone said I had to get the original, I couldn't because you cant get them anywhere. Except I guess Wayscral.

No one has an electric bike wheel in stock takes at least a week to order.

So I bought an ordinary bike wheel, single wall and it works fine.

The rear however needs to support the battery, motor and me.

I can get a double walled rimm from decathlon for 35 to 50€ (for an electric bike which is similar to mine)

So says their website.

They dont have any rear wheels without motors.

So I'm thinking of ordering the front wheel and then building the motor into it.

I have a hub motor.

This is my cycle.



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