Rear voilamart 1000 w 48v 20ah battery


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3:38 AM
Oct 24, 2022
I bought my set up for a mountain bike back in june of this year and put it together with a range of 10 miles. I thought the range might be limited because i did not have the pedal assist on, I had to get that on and finally did last month. My range never improved . In addition there is always a connection spark from the battery charger to the battery port . There is always a spark to when the battery is not charging and I am connecting the battery to the motor controller battery lead. its a substantial spark.
I have tested my battery after i ride and the bike is showing no more energy but i get back and do a main test on the battery and it shows 50 v still. Just wondering if this is a controller issue or motor, i do not understand why the bike without the battery being attached will still light up the throttle display for a short period lilke a minute. Ty