Range and Torque of SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid) Batteries on an Ebike


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Jun 21, 2018
Range and torque are determined by the AMP Hrs of the batteries. So 3 12v 12ah batteries hooked in series (#1 pos to controller pos wire #1neg to #2 pos #2 neg to #3 pos #3 neg to controller neg wire) will give you 36v and 12ah.

Weight plays a role in determining your range but so does your driving habits just as they play a role in gas mileage in an ICE vehicle. So jack rabbit starts, speeding, throttling up close to a stop, full throttle up hills, etc will affect your range. You felt the torque spread your dropouts with full throttle (push button).

On flat ground generally speaking 1 ah = 2 km with moderate throttle (1/2). This is a motor assist bike. If you drive it like a car or motorcycle and expect the motor to do all the work 1ah will = 1/2km or less. There are 2 solutions to solving range problems. 1 carry more ah which means heavier batteries or 2 push on the peddles more especially going up hills and on starts.
At first (new e-biker) we want to go as fast and as far as possible but after peddling a heavy bike with dead batteries a few times we learn how best to use the motor assist bike to our advantage. The best way to do this is to ride a set route (distance) using different throttle and peddle combinations till we can maximize range and develop a riding pattern!