Raleigh Matterhorn electric bike conversion


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Aug 17, 2018
Early last year 2007 I bought a new Raleigh Matterhorn from Canada Tire It seemed quite strong steel framed and only cost about $200.

I did have in mind the possibility of an electric bike but they all seemed rather slow and expensive.. besides at 57 (then) and 58 (now) I am relatively fit.

Rode it for around 1000km very early spring 2007 I didn't appreciate the hills.. and so many Racers in all the lycra gear overtaking me on them.. I would have bought a racer myself but normally take a small dog out (rather than leave her at home) and also camera food, jacket`s etc in a rear carrier.

Decided to put a motor on it and visited

It cost around $1200 to convert but the highest single cost was the 2 x 24v battery Packs.

The bike is about legal and if I want to overtake the good racers I have to pedal a lot, not much chance with the mountainbike gearing going downhill (after 50kph no more assistance from the motor) but they have little chance uphill or into a headwind of keeping up with me.

Mostly just take life easy and do around 60kms on a typical ride out. The bike itself is all but silent currently 4500kms on the clock
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