Rad Runner Plus Utility Ebike Reviews


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Jul 28, 2020
I'm completely new to the e-bikes world! Does anyone have any experience with RadPower Bikes? The reviews seem good but real life experience would help out a lot.
I've had good luck with my Rad Mini, have a couple hundred miles on it so far. I basically use it for round trips 10 miles and under, and it's performed great, The Rad Runner Plus is the standard model with all the accessories it has the 20 in. tires like the mini but it doesn't fold. I had to adjust some of the bicycle stuff on it out of the box (brake, derailleur), but the electronics have been very reliable.

The Rad Runner is a fat tire and rides as such. All in all for the money I like it. If I were to get another one it would be the City, I think the ride quality on pavement would be smooth. I think they have nice standard features, the lighting system is good with a brake light, the screen has good info and is backlit at night, motor cut-offs on brakes is a good thing.
I've had my RadRover 5 since August and couldn't be happier with the purchase. The bike does well on the street and the bike paths that I usually ride. I've done some mild single tract and it performs well. No maintenance issues so far.
As a new eBike owner I’d say anything Rad Bike makes will offer the customer a positive experience. I have 220 miles on my new Himiway Cruiser and am very pleased with the bike. I chose it over the RadRover 5 simply because it has more power, better range and was a greater value. In March I paid $1449 out the doir, no tax or shipping and it came with the rear rack, fenders, a 2 year instead of 1 year warranty etc. Himiway has since moved tgeir pricing on this model up $100 to $1599 which I understand is a result of new tariffs but I believe it will affect their sales. The RadRunner starts at $1299 and the RadRover has jumped to $1699. At certain price points you have a lot more competition in the eBike space but honestly it comes down to what you need in an eBike. For me I wanted a fat tire bike to commute 10 miles to work, ride on the sand and cruise with friends when the surf is too flat. I love this bike and I get a lot of complements on it wherever I cruise. Good luck!
Latest RadRunner3: looks like you need to be long-legged to ride it.
Cargo platform is 4-5 in above the wheel, which can throw off the handling when carrying heavy load.
Proprietary batteries not compatible with previous RadRunner, but 100-mile range with dual battery that don't know where to mount?