Rad Rover Fat tire bike


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Jul 17, 2020
Anyone on here have a RadRover electric fat tire bike?

I have my Mongoose Beast (That I love) as a "hood" bike to just roam around the neighborhood with, to the buddies house down the street for an afternoon hang out, yada yada.

As a nature lover I'm itching to get back out into the woods and enjoy the trails. I also loved taking my Mongoose Dolomite out onto the beach but hate the pedaling part all afternoon!!

So I somehow came across RadRover bikes and I'm intrigued and enjoy the style. Curious to see if there are any owners on here and what their thoughts are!!
Have no direct contact, but read a few reports from owners, all positive. Seems well equipped for the price.
Going to use it on the beach? I'm wondering if the motor and electronics are sealed. Salt water can do nasty things to electronics.
My brother live in Virginia Beach, i'll be visiting with it. <acronym title="vBulletin">VB</acronym> has a nice shared bike path that goes along the entire beach, however from my research, bikes aren't allowed on the beach motorized or not.
Is that a throttle only bike? The video clip I saw they weren't pedaling at all. Didn't see any mention about pedal assist.

I believe you are right about no bikes on <acronym title="vBulletin">VB</acronym>.
It has 5 levels of pedal assist, which is selectable on the display. Just start pedaling and the bike will add some boost. However, there is also a thumb throttle and a red button for max power if you want. So there are plenty of options as far as how much power you want. But it'll go 15-20 miles without any pedaling at all, and it has a gear reduction set built into the motor to allow for more torque since speed is limited to 20mph by law. The torque of this motor is good enough to power people up the steepest hills without pedaling at all.

There are plenty of reviews on youtube, it's one of the best bikes for the price. I considered the Sondors Ebike for about $700-$1000 shipped depending on options. But Rad Rover just added financing throught a company called Affirm which i used to purchase it with.

I used a promo code i got from this blog post: Bike with Us and Rad Power Bikes Promo Code! ? Life as Us which gave me $100 off, so it was $1399 + $175 shipping for a total of $1575 OTD. If you live close to seattle, you can pick it up for free.
I've had mine for about a week now. Its my first ebike and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. I ride mainly on improved trails and bike paths but Have done some unimproved trails and it seems to handle them well. About 50 miles so far and no problems.
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The Rad Rover is a really nice fat tire eBike. One of my best friends that I’ve surfed with for over a decade has one and I rode Gary’s bike before opting for the Himiway Cruiser. The frame design and components including the 750w HUB are so similar but in the end the value on price and standard accessories including the 17.5aH Samsung battery was why I took a chance on the Himiway. I think these are great eBikes for the price either way. Rad Bikes has the marketshare, brand awareness and customer support.