Qi Cycle on DHgate £218 - too good to be true?


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Feb 27, 2021
I have seen the 250 watt 20 inch ebike, the QICYCYLE on Dhgate for £218, so an amazing price but is it too good to be true, a con or what. WOULD YOU BE BUYING FRESH AIR? I checked price a week or so ago and it was £370 which is the price it's cut from, I would believe this higher price and would expect to get a bike for that, as some of these bikes are in that sub £400 range, another example being the Windway. If its TRUE then I will be ordering one as soon as funds permit, but how can I tell if it is genuine, anyone out there got any experience? Looks like a really nice bike though!!!
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Is this the one you're referring too?

Xiaomi QiCYCLE Smart Electric Bike:

Looks like it's from the phone manufacturer Xiaomi who makes the Redmi phone.

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