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Jul 8, 2018
Hi everybody,

This is my first post here and I am very new to electric bikes. I recently ordered an electric scooter bike from qelectric. The bike is called the expresso and I have a few questions concerning this product.

1) Does anybody have experience with the expresso bike in particular, or any of the qelectric products in general.

2) I plan on using the bike to commute to work and want to use the bike trails here in the Monterey area. Is there any problem doing this?

3) I have one large hill to climb on the way back home. It's the Carmel Hill. Perhaps 2 miles of more than 10 percent grade. The bike is rated for an 18 percent grade, but I am wondering if this hill will deplete my batteries before getting home. On a flat surface, with a 170 pound rider and no headwind, the bike has a 30 mile range. My commute is 14 miles round trip. Do you think the bike can make this trip on one charge.

Thank you very much for any help with these questions. I am hoping to cut my car driving by half this year and plan on using the electric bike to accomplish this goal. I don't like giving oil companies my money (they already have way too much) and I am interested in reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible.
With its 500 watt motor, bulky, heavy construction and no gears you'll be struggling to get up anything more than a gentle incline.

Range for these types of electric scooter bikes, with heavy lead acid gel batteries, is always over stated, in the real world you will be looking at about half the stated range.

A far better purchase would have been the EGO, called Helio here in the UK, it is beautifully made with great acceleration from its 1,500 watt motor.

Let me know how you get on once your bike arrives.
I don't know anything about this scooter but if you post the specs (All of them) I will take a look for you and tell you what it's capable of on paper.
The bike hasn't arrived yet, so I have been gathering as much information on it as possible. I still haven't found anybody on the Internet who actually has one...so I will be the guinea pig on this one and relate my experiences back to you on this forum...the good, the bad, and the so-so.

I purchased the bike through bonus points I earned through my company. The points could be used in one merchandise catalog, and the catalog had only one electric bike. So that's how I ended up with this particular bike.

My plan is to cut my car driving from 10,000 miles per year down to 5,000 miles year. I will be keeping close tabs on my car and electric bike mileage. Eventually I want to get an electric car, but I don't see this technology available in a form which currently meets my needs.

The cost savings by driving my bike instead of my car can be put into my solar panel piggy bank for future solar panel installation. That's the plan for now, anyway.

Thanks again for your input and time.