Proportional Control


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12:41 PM
Aug 29, 2023
Arroyo Grande CA
I rode a friend's RAD ebike, and noticed something that I didn't like - When I set the "assist" level, it simply adjusted the maximum power the motor put out. The motor then simply stopped and started depending on whether I was pedaling or not, and the power the motor put out when it was running was determined only by the assist level. What I am looking for is an ebike that adds assist based on pedal pressure - or tension in the upper chain, or something like that. Is there any ebike that works this way?
You're looking for a motor with torque sensing instead of rotational sensing. I'm not sure how the bike you rode works, but my bike works on sensing the turns of the crank. I needed to adjust the pedal assist set points for both desired motor capacity and what speed the motor stops helping in order to get some normal bike ride feeling. At the higher pedal assist you're not working your legs really at all.

Torque sensing is much more natural feeling.