Propain Ekano


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Oct 22, 2020
hey all, anyone here riding an ekano? If so what's thoughts. I'm very close to pulling the trigger but there's very little useful info on them.
My current options are the ekano in a mullet. Yt decoy or the kona remote 160.
Love the idea of being able to mostly build it how I want from the start. Both the kona and yt have a few things right from the start id be looking at changing.
Did you end up choosing an EMTB?

The Propain Ekano is a very nice looking EMTB! For the price of €5699, I would be scheduling a test ride if you have a Propain dealer near you:

It's a German engineered ebike with frames manufactured in Asia. The bikes are assembled at the Propain Headquarters in Southern Germany. They do a lot of real life testing of their bikes -