problems with giant twist double


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Sep 23, 2018
hi all

maybe someone here can shed some light on my e-bike issue?

I live in the Netherlands, and we all know that Holland is mainly bike users, anyway to cut to the chase of my problem that I am experiencing...

I have a giant twist double from the build year of 2012... the one with two batteries, anyway I use my bike on a daily basis ,buying my bike second hand as I think for what I use it for there's no need to buy new. I was on my way to work one morning and as my bike approached the speed of 16kph the power assist stopped functioning. so I thought as my batteries was fully charged it might be my computer needs a reset, anyway I returned back to the bike shop where I got the bike from, he had the bike for a few days to do the reset. I got the bike back and started using it as normal and guess what.... still the same problem occurred, so I was in the end so I could get to the power to the front wheel motor, until it reached 16kph in sport mode as I have 3 power assist levels, eco, normal and sport. so the problem still persisted. I have returned back to the bike shop with bike explaining the problem, the bike shop owner still insists that the computer needs another reset. what I have been reading online is that the motor on my bike is a SANYO motor, and it contains planetary gears that run on a outer ring gear, there is a rattling sound that comes from the motor hub which I think there shouldn't be? and what other people have been saying is that if the bike looses it's power assist and the rattle begins, it's an indication that the planetary gears within the motor hub have worn and needs to be replaced. Please I hope someone on here may have the answer I need to get my bike rectified with the issue I have described, so I can report back to the bike shop and get it fixed so I can go back to having a happy and enjoyable ride on my e-bike. I thank you for taking time to read and hope that I have described my issue as best as possible and that someone maybe be able to give me the answer I'm looking for. I await patiently for a reply. Thank you
Welcome to the forum, I just read that 27% of trips in Holland are by bicycle - amazing!

As for your issue with the bike, it could be that the hall effect sensor might be playing up. The hall effect sensor is a transducer in the hub motor that senses how fast the motor is spinning. Could it be that this sensor has come loose and is making the clunking noise? The only way to find out would be to take the hub motor apart and check for issues. Here is a guide showing someone replacing a hall sensor in a hub motor:

Good luck, I hope you get this problem sorted!
Thank you for getting back to me.. As for what you have mentioned, my motor hub is driven by a series of gears within the motor " better known as planet wheels ". which in turn is connected to a ring gear, so I'm not too sure if my motor will have such a component as a hall effect sensor? It also contains a clutch within the motor too.. I will await to hear back. thank you for your time in responding