Problems charging ebike battery using home solar system


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Aug 18, 2018
aloha, i have a technical question i am having difficulty finding an answer for, and hope someone here might know more than me...

i have a 48 volt hub motor kit, on a recumbent trike... i am on the second battery charger, and at this point am suspecting that the 2 battery chargers over time have died due to being plugged into a xantrex tr series modified sine wave inverter i have on a 24 volt solar system here...

i cannot afford to replace the expensive inverter, so am looking for some kind of charger that might be ok with this modified sine wave inverter.... anyone know of such a thing, or perhaps some other solution option i am not aware of???...

i have a Biyadii (brand??) super li-ion 48 volt 13 AH (642 Wh) battery... the charger that came with it is Sans (brand) Li-ion, input: AC 100V-240V 2 OA max. output: 54.6 Volt DC 2. OA

mahalo for your supportive comments,
Battery charger failure is not uncommon and I went through a couple before I figured out the cause. If the xantrex inverter is able to power other household electronics such as DVD players or computers then chances are good that it's output is not interfering with the PFC input circuit of the charger. My failures were all due to thermal and when I switched to a charger with built in fan that fixed my issues. Is the charger past it's 12 month warranty? If so, you can dissemble it and look for signs of overheating. Otherwise, send it back and let the manufacture give you a new one. Always make sure you operate the charger in a well ventilated area out of direct sunlight. Use a desktop fan to provide additional airflow.

Hope that helps!