Problem removing Schwalbe Tire on Bulls Cross Lite Evo Diamond


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May 1, 2024
I am a newby and I have a 2020 Bulls CrossLite bike with Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires that I want to change due to wear.

I have tried to remove the tires in the same as I have done with every other bike with a tube that I have owned, but I am unable to get a tire lever under the bead.

I don't think the tires are glued to the rim, but I just don't know. The new tires that I want to install don't look especially unusual.

There is no special information about the tire in the bike owners's manual, although they do suggest taking it to a dealer for a tire change.

Does anyone know if there is some special tool or process that I need to use?

Any suggestions gratefully received.
Any suggestions gratefully received.
You're just going to have to work it. Modern tires and rims fit a lot more tightly than they did when we were kids. This is often true even for tires that are not tubeless.

Here's a tip that will likely make the difference for you: Modern rims usually have a depressed center area inside. What you want to do is first completely deflate the tube inside. Since you are having trouble, maybe that means removing the valve core so there is zero resistance on this first try from trapped air. With your thumbs, push the deflated tire's bead on one side only towards the center of the rim. This will move it off the raised lip of the rim that is around the edge (you won't be able to see this, but its there).

With one side now in this area of slightly-reduced diameter, NOW you can try and get a lever underneath the bead. You can also try moving the second side of the tire's bead towards the center so they are both moved away from the edge of the rim.