premature cut-out - update


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Oct 22, 2021
i have a 48v 1000 watt direct drive, front hub motor, powered by a ~30ah 14s, 14p "ammo box" battery pack made from 18650s:
for some reason the motor cuts off when the pack has dropped to about 54 volts;
any suggestions why? is it the controller or the Daly BMS;
it is a 40amp BMS and 48 volts at 1000 watts is just slightly over 20amp and the batteries are not overheating;
i checked each cell group and they do seem nicely balanced, each measuring 3.78-3.79v after cutoff:;

i'd actually built 2 of these and as with the first one, it's the first cell group that has failed... i now must do as i did with the first one, unfold the 2 halves, strip off the nickel strips, remove the first group, likely discard and replace all the cells in that group;
can anyone please suggest why the first cell groups are failing?
This is usually the result of several months storage without charging as the BMS drains a small amount of power from the first cell group. Could be any other accessories or electronics similarly powered.