Powerbank for e-bike to charge battery?


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10:15 PM
Feb 6, 2022

Does there exist a range extender or powerbank for Shimano BT-E8010 battery?
Can it also recharge my battery?
Mobile plug, so you can plug in the battery like home in a powerbank?

Thx in advance,

It's a bit complicated because it depends if the BMS board uses a seperate input for charge and discharge leads. if they are shared BMS buses then this applies: If you have two charged 36v batteries at .5V difference, you can plug them together in parallel, so you'd just need an ordinary battery that fits on your frame. You'd have to fit plugs so that the two outputs can merge. then you can use both batteries as one.

Otherwise if you don't know if the bms is shared or not, you'll have to swap one for the other when it gets low, and that can wear out the plugs a bit because it can spark and the plugs may last only 50-200 pluggin ins depending on their spark wear ability. Range extenders are a bit complicated because they also have to include a current limiter on the charge port.