Power Max Eagle 2 cutting out


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4:02 PM
Aug 8, 2022
My Power Max Eagle 2 ebike cuts out , typically after 3 or 4 miles into the trip. Although it’s a fat tire bike designed for off-road, I normally ride on smooth pavement. The first indication of a problem shows up on the SW900 display screen. The speed will show 0.0 and the watt meter will also drop to zero. Eventually the error code “10” is displayed (communications problem) and finally the entire display goes blank and the bike “shuts down”. After a while I can power back up and have normal operation for another period of time. The dealer told me it was probably a loose wiring connection, but again it always happens on smooth surfaces after 3 or 4 miles. Would appreciate any input/suggestions. Thanks, Kevin.
In all the experiences that I’ve come across over the years I’ve been a mechanic when it comes to mystery or inconsistent faulty electrical components it is more problematic and time consuming to replace parts ( swapnostics) rather than testing the individual components my suggestion is buy yourself a multimeter.