Power Drop


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Apr 21, 2023
Rocky Mountains
I got out of 2-strokes and 4-strokes thought this bike conversion kit was the answer it a Voilmart clone, but I got 3 hubs I magically acquired one is voilmart stamp.
Well, I was really happy with it until my odometer hit 1000 miles then it hit like a karate chop!

Drastic loss of power and speed! I have a 1500-watt battery, think it 20 amps and a 1000-watt hub. I try to keep it charge to 6 bars sometimes a green light other times not.

I was hoping it was the wind dragging me down but it's not. Use to be on pulling a hill the bar speed would suck down to 2 or 3 bars then release throttle had it would rise to 6 bars. Since the trouble began it won't suck anymore but will slow down lose power instead.

When buying the battery I ask the company would it be safe use a 1500-W to a 1000-W hub. He said yes it will run. But for how long before it will burn the bushings or some other thing-a-me-jig. I did buy 2 years insurance on the battery expensive $300.00, but if it is battery replacement take 2 to 4 weeks and this is my only transportation and I live in the sticks miles away from anywhere.

Anyone got a solution?
It would seem like a battery issue from what you are describing. Is the battery getting a full charge, or are you unplugging early to increase battery life?
OK, first, do NOT let your battery sit for long periods at a full charge. Estimate a partial charge for storage, then finish to a full charge right before riding.

If you are only partially charging frequently, you MUST fully charge on a regular basis, occasionally leave on the charger for an extended period or overnite with the light green. Also occasionally, fully charge to green light on charger, ride 2-3 miles, charge and ride again. These procedures help ensure that each individual cell is charged fully. How often depends on your riding style and charge procedures.

GET A DIGITAL VOLTMETER. Bars and lights just do not supply enough information.

Are you saying the indicator bars on the display do NOT sag down to 2 or 3 when you lose speed? This would be unusual.

What you described initially is exactly normal. Under load, like hill climbing, voltage will drop, which directly affects speed. The bars you are seeing are a simple voltmeter. They are an ESTIMATE of capacity, but just a guess. Remove the load, either crest the hill or reduce the throttle, voltage will rebound and speed will increase. This will get worse as the battery ages, and as high loads are repeatedly experienced. Sag causes more sag.

If you paid for a battery replacement policy, get one before they run away with your money. Don't do that again, battery prices are steadily coming down. Keep the money in your pocket.