Powabyke 240 electrical problems


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Aug 18, 2018
I have a Powabyke 240, but am just about at my wits end with electrical problems. I paid around 800 pounds for the bike and have spent a fortune on electrical repairs. When it is going ok it is a nice bike to ride, but the battery is very heavy and when the power fails it is not really rideable.

I hear there are bikes now with small different types of batteries, mine has a wet cell type and has to be rebuilt after about 12 months use.

I have a bad knee, with Osteoarthritis and find the electrical power a real help when it is going ok. I would be grateful on any information on more reliable make of bikes if anyone has any.
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Our local dealer on the Isle of Wight, where I bought the bike new around two years ago does not now seem to want to help with repairs.

I have had a lot of electrical problems and they have in the past fitted around three new throttles under warranty, then when that had expired and I was still having problems soldered most of the connections, but it is now playing up again, I hope it is only the throttle, is it possible for me to buy one from you and fit it myself?

The battery has recently been rebuilt.