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Jul 22, 2020
Seems like it was on this forum awhile back that there was a video clip of a rider removing the electric assist motor and placing the motor in a backpack before riding down a trail.
As if the shuttle was legal for the assist but the down hill was not
I would like to do the same to a 2018 Santa Cruz Hightower I just bought.

I would appreciate help in finding that post.

I tried the search feature and no luck.
I do not know if that was a commercially available product or a one off.

My goal is to come up with a pedal assist only, (no throttle) motor that can be removed in seconds using a back pack battery.
I only want at most 125 watts of assist.

After riding my Bosch CX assisted Haibike for 7 months, my fitness has improved so that I no longer use the turbo or sport mode and primarily ride in the Eco mode.
I prefer how the Hightower rides/handles.
Thanks for your help
Highroad 2
I remember the video, and think maybe Harry posted it. The company might have been Ego cycles or something close.
There are a few companies trying to pull it off. The Fazuna system is the slickest and has the most promise IMO, but it remains to be seen if they can build a bigger motor to provide the torque the market demands and still fit it in the frame.

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Harry knows his stuff and thanks for posting the info.
It was the Double Ego I was looking for.
I wanted to see how the motor was attached to the bike frame to make it easily removed and replaced.
The frame they used had 2 bosses integrated which would be virtually impossible to replicate in a carbon frame but could be welded into a steel or aluminum frame.
This is the concept I would like to see replicated in the future to make our bikes more versatile.
Like Harry said the Fuzua motor and battery integration look like the most promising.
That Ego thing would last about 10 minutes in Moab before it was bashed to bits on a ledge.

No way.
I rode Moab 4 weeks ago and totally agree about the Egos motor placement being a disaster.
Most of the aftermarket assist systems place the motor where it would not work for my kind of riding.
I am looking for ideas and if I end up doing something I am sure I will have to fabricate my own brackets to place the motor between the down tube and seat tube.

Moab's Whole Enchilada trail is the first and only trail that I saw specific no electric bike signs.
The other mountain bike specific trails said no Dirtbikes which in my opinion means no e-bikes.
I take both an assisted and non assisted bike to Moab.
That's why I want to come up with or buy a bike that can go either way in at most minutes.
IMO, if you want something that is quick release (and I've never seen a production model like this), you would need an auxiliary motor on the right side of the bike (or in the "V" above the bottom bracket) that went to a separate sprocket on the rear wheel. Then you could essentially remove all of its weight by taking off the motor, chain, controller and battery. Not very practical, but doable (maybe).
Take a look at Harrymans 4th link a day ago which is called the double ego.
It uses a 2nd chain ring up front and a short chain that can be removed without separating.
All I need is a low wattage pedal assist only motor to make it happen.
If anyone knows of such a motor please let me know
I haven't seen a design like this yet, but I believe any of the high end motors(Shimano, Yamaha, Bosch for sure) would lend themselves to an attachment where you could drop the motor very quickly, and replace it with a subframe with a regular crank. The bike would only be a pound or two heavier than a standard bike because of the battery and motor mounts. Ebikes tend to be on the heavier side of builds, so maybe a 50lb enduro type ebike could be 34lb or so without battery and motor.