Please help me find controller so i can purchase


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Jun 4, 2022
had a 750W ebike (electricycle cruiser)for about a year and it recently began making laboring sounds before giving an error 30 message.....I spoke with someone who directed me toward trying to purchase a new controller but the ppl who made the bike I cannot reach....I have attached pictures....if anyone can help me find one to replace this so I can purchase it online I'd greatly appreciate it...thanks so much


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Thoroughly check and re-connect the display. Thoroughly check and examine all wires to the display and to the motor.

Describe in detail your symptoms, I will assume your ebike is not having a baby. Describe functionality of your display.

Several brands, though not yours, list this error as a "communication error"

Loose or damaged wire or bad connection is most common failure mode with this error.

Do you have some reason to believe the person who told you to get a new controller has any experience with ebikes, or did you just ask a random passerby on the streetcorner?