Philodo H8 upgrade


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5:48 PM
Jun 14, 2024
I’m currently using the Philodo H8 as my daily commuter. I’ve added a second battery so I can make the round trip to work without charging. Currently my max speed is 35.9mph. I want to upgrade it so I can do at least 45mph. What would I need to do to make this happen? Also I want to add wired turn signals and upgrade the tail running/brake to one that is brighter and better seen.
It can be done, but will probably cost $500-$600 to achieve your desired speed. New controller & batteries will be required to achieve your 45mph.
Higher voltage, gets you a higher top speed..

Higher amperage gives you torque.

So I'm not sure what voltage of ebike you are running. But, if you want Higher speeds, you need Higher battery voltage.
Is it possible for me to use a 36v battery from a hover board connected to a 42v controller? The battery pack is about 4 inches both length and width.