PHILODO H8 problems


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May 27, 2024
Recently, my PHILODO H8 stopped working altogether. Initially, The screen readings that came up were not normal voltages, reading only .2 volts. Consequently, I checked the battery and fully charged it. On the multimeter, it read 54.5 as it normally respective to the screen readings. Still only .2v. I did some more testing only to find the main power connection to the rear motor controller was bad and replaced the connector and found the same issues. Next step was opening up the motor controller to see if anything was bad and sure enough, a wire had been broken away from the main power supply lead and source, I soldered the wire back to its original location and hooked it all back up only to find that the voltage was jumping all over the place and sporadic and inconsistent, at one point the display on the bike read a constant voltage, but nowhere near what the battery reads on the multimeter, still having issues. I wrote the company and they sent me a new rear motor controller under warranty. Got it all wired up and found that the display reads a constant 50.7 volts now and the lights are working and the horn, still no throttle or PAS. However, the screen is toggle-able and everything turns on. It’s now a mystery what the issue is. I did order a new screen because the old one broke and I have an E10 code thrown now. Is it possible the screen is not the appropriate screen? Could the front motor controller have been blown out with the rear one and may need to be replaced as well? Perhaps further diagnostic procedure is needed and there is a method out there someone may have in order for me to find out what the failure may be still covered under the manufactures warranty. How can I test the motor controller to determine that a new one is appropriate through the company? Is it possible to test the wiring or the system to find the possible source of the problem at this point?


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Hi, this sounds like a bike with either some major chafe issues or possibly a mouse issue. One first step would be to go over the entire bike with your multimeter and check for continuity. There are many YouTube videos on continuity testing if you need help with that. The major interior harness might have issues. Luckily, Philodo carries this if it's the problem. Let us know how it goes.