Pedego Ridge Rider - anyone here own one?


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Jul 19, 2020
Went to a pedego dealer not far from where I live, and tested a Ridge Rider. I have to say that I was impressed. Decent component spec (front air fork, 2 X 10 drivetrain with Shimano SLX derailleurs, 27.5 wheels with Kenda tires), and almost stealthy enough that if you painted over the "Pedego" on the side of the frame, no one might notice it was an e-bike.

I was impressed by how quick it was off the line, when pedaling in a higher gear and twisting the throttle. There wasn't any trail to test it on, and the front fork was not set up properly to thrash it on single track anyways.

Does anyone here own one, or even ridden one on some singletrack?

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I have been riding bicycles all my life, for over 60 years. I have ridden thousands of miles commuting, touring, and trail riding, but this was my first eBike. The Pedego Ridge Rider bicycle is the most advanced cycling machine I have owned. I am impressed with the performance, fit and finish, and the solid components. It is a pleasure to ride, and I like that I can select the amount of pedal assist I want or need. There are just some hills that previously would take it all out of me, and now I just cruise.

As I have aged, it has become increasingly more difficult to bicycle any long distance, and riding a stationary bike in the gym just does not do it for me. Yet bicycling is the best exercise for my legs and knees. The dilemma was solved when I bought my Pedego. My Ridge Rider has given me an entirely new lease on bicycling life. Prior to getting my Pedego, I could not possibly ride 25 miles on rugged mountain trails for 3 or more hours. Well, maybe 10 years ago, but aging has reduced my stamina. I have owned for 15 months and have over 3200 miles in the saddle, much of it off-road. Looking forward to so many adventures!