Pedal assist works - throttle lever doesn't - DYU


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12:22 PM
Jun 9, 2023
guilford ct
Bought a cheap DYU bike to keep on the boat for 3 months use in Europe. Operate the throttle and there's a faint sense of movement, but 'no-go'. Power comes in as it should on all 3 pedal assist modes.
I would have returned it, but had no time before heading south through the Netherlands, with no convenient new delivery address. I can live with just the pedal assist, but wonder if replacing the throttle might cure it?
The seller returned $100 when told of the issue and was happy to replace the bike - I just ran out of time.
I have 2 x Jetson Haze models on my boat in the US and their quality is much higher - unfortunately not available over here and shipping prohibitive.
Thanks - Mick
I had not heard of DYU bikes. Google has a number of sites offering new throttles for around $30.00. They do not use julet connectors so be careful matching your bike model to the proper throttle. It is possible that some of the hall effect sensors are toast in your old one but check the opposing plug first to make sure your connections look good.