Pa members - Rad Rover 5 or 6?


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6:32 AM
Nov 22, 2021
hey guys
im new here. i was in the process of ordering a rad rover 5 but they are out of stock. so was going to go with the rad rover 6 plus. is this a good move or not. i am from pa and was trying to find out where some of the eastern pa people ride. any help would be appreciated.
Seems like two questions, only one of which is Georgia-specific.

Those who know seem to prefer hydraulic disc brakes, but then there’s that whole pesky hydraulic fluid maintenance thing.

Maybe you can negotiate a discount on the six, since they don’t have the five?
I would stay away from Rad 6. Mine is 6 months old and the brakes caliper leaks. Getting anything done via RadRover is impossible. No phone calls all text and chat at a few hours a day (PST). I am in day three trying to find parts or replacement for the rear hydraulic brake system. The Mfg is NuTT but no part number or model.
Stay away from Radrover
BTW new battery is $600 with an embedded almost impossible access to the fuse.