OWW52V 20AH Electric Bicycle Lithium-ion Triangle Battery

Canva Krusho

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8:11 PM
May 26, 2022
Hello there, can anybody tell me the OWW52V 20AH Electric Bicycle Lithium-ion Triangle Battery's quality? I need a battery for my e-bike, and one of my friends suggest me this brand. Is this brand really good for the ebike?
Sure. Ship me one and I will tear it apart and do a detailed analysis on it. Then we can guess if the next one will have the same type, or brand, or even vaguely similar cells in it. If the construction and BMS will be the same.

It is Chinese. Total crapshoot. They have not been around very long, and might not be around much longer. flip a coin.

The one thing I can tell you with near certainty is that it is NOT a "20AH" battery. They lie.