Over discharged LifePo4

Jamie Grant

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4:34 PM
Oct 22, 2022
I have a new 48 volt battery that has been sitting for at least a year I just checked the voltage on it and it is 27 volts LifePo4.

What should I do?
Again this battery has cycled less than 10 times.
I've done some reading and found some smart chargers will try to revive it.

It appears my charger is inputting very little amount of current every 10 minutes or so.

The battery has over discharge protection, how can this happen.

I will update later today and report it's health
If the battery sat for a while, it's possible that it somehow got low enough from sitting (?) that it kicks in the BMS low voltage cut off (?)

Yout battery charger may be trying to charge/balance....make sense? If letting the battery sit on charger for 12 hours...then you check with
a digital volt meter and the battery still shows not being chared/charging ..then if it were me..i'd look into another charger.

If not the charger then it's something in your battery or the BMS.

Hope that helps.

Welcome to the forums by the way!! :cool:
For those of you awaiting the out come. I Was unsuccessful in this attempt.
I tried reviving the battery with a 60 volt adjustable power supply. Also with a high end 48 volt 10 amp smart charger. Looks like the 16 Series softpack will be recycled. At least I learned something about CC CV in the process