Outrider Recumbent. wooo fancy!

I like recumbents, I have a few of my own and I enjoy riding them just as much as riding my upright bikes.
Recumbent trikes have their places, just not as easy to transport if you need to travel with them.
An old motorcycle racing buddy used to say:
If you take up as much road as a car, you might as well be in a cage.
Not that drivers would miss a recumbent trike on the road, but the width of a trike really reduces your ability to filter through trafficc.
If I have to sit at a red light near tailpipes, I would need some shell surrounding the trike to keep me from the weather.
For $10K, I think I will stick with my $4k Yaris and get a $5k ebike that I can transport with the Yaris.