Orbea Gain


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8:44 PM
Feb 23, 2019
Just bought a Orbea Gain road bike and thought it would be wise to join a Forum so here I am. I am nearing the other end of 50 and have been cycling on and off for a number of years my Steed being a Pinnacle carbon all 105ed up etc... I noticed at the tail of last summer I was starting to struggle a bit especially on challenging hill's and starting to loose the cycle mojo so decided that went slightly against my dinosaur thinking bought myself the Orbea.

First trip out yesterday doing a wee cheeky 23 miles and my experience was outstanding. Just kept the bike on assist 1 for most of the run but on my return journey went to assist number 2 on occasions to help me through a 15 to 20mph head wind. So very pleased retuning my cycling mojo again:). My only criticism up to now the rear drive motor being particularly heavy you don't half feel every bump on the road being a racing road bike model. Have a few questions from the on board bluetooth app and battery charging procedures. Hope you are all a jolly lot.... :cool: